Thursday, March 27, 2008

website developer bombay

Welcome to freelancer blog.

About developer / Freelancer
I am a website developer from mumbai(Bombay). We are the team of experianced web developers and graphic designers working from last 3 years on web technologies and delivering quality products to our clients worldwide.

Our Services
1. Website Designing.
2. Website Developement.
3. Website Promotion - Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ).
4. Website Maintance.
5. PHP/MySQL website development.
6. Business website development.
7. Template designing.
8. Logo Designing.

Our objective is to deliver the high quality product and maintnance to our clients, we always achive this by using right technology for product development. PHP is very strong server side programming language and thus we are specialiize in PHP/MySQL website development. We always suggest to our clients to use the correct technology for there products. We are mainly working on server side programming languages including PHP4 , PHP5 , ASP. We have developed lots of good websites including shopping cart websites,auction websites,matrimonial ebsites,corporate websites using following technologies.

Server Side Programming
-PHP 4 , PHP5 , ASP.
Website Designing
-HTML / CSS , Javascript, AJAX.
Database Designing

Sample websites
We have developed lots of websites. Take a lok at sample websites in the slide show at right side of this page.

Our Clients
We have delivered the quality products to lots of our clients located at different places in the world. Our client sites are located in New Zeland , Unites States, India - mumbai,Bombay.

Contact Freelancer Mumbai
Mail : php.freelancer.mumbai[@]
Call : 9833586563

Per hour charges
Our freelancer team works on project basis and/or hour basis. Normally we work on project basis for full fresh website development and we work on hourly basis if the work is like maintnance or module integration.

Project Rates :
Coast per project is totally depend upon the complexity of web application and the
estimated time.

Hourly Rates :
Our current hourly charges are : $7 / hr.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

corporate gifts development

A corporate gifts website developed in php.

We have developed a complete online solution for the biggest corporate gift company in India. The company was working on very old way of promoting the gifts on manual advertising like phone calls and door to door advertising.

We have developed a complete online corporate gift portal for the company through they can easily promote and sale all there corporate gifts. The portal has a saperate control pannel in which administrator of website can post all the gift items including images and prices etc. Admin can also create many categories and subcategories in which all gift items get posted.

Client side has complete facilities to search the gift items and buy them online.
Site has all the features of search the corporate gifts which are categorised in order to give good navigational structure to the users of site and thus we have also taken care of ease of the users of website.

real estate website design

A real estate website developed in php.
We have developed a complete real estate website in php with all the major features like,
fast property search with some caching techniques in php to improve sites performance.
All investors and or buyers can visit this website in order to
Find a new property
Sale the propery
look for the rentals and lease for ther property.
Site is targeted to mumbai area.

muslim matrimonial websites

A muslim matrimonial website targeted to specially muslim peoples to find there life partner.
Advance search
A powerful and fast advance search function is developed in php.

Success stories

It is a free matrimonial website for all muslim peoples.

So sites helps all peoples to find there life partner by working as free matrimonial service in India.
All satisfied users are the proof that this is a good matrimonial website for muslim peoples in India.

buddhist matrimonial website

A buddhist matrimonial website targeted to all vidarbha / konkan / marathwada / deshwarchey peoples.
Advance search
A powerful and fast advance search function is developed in php. We have introduced some new data cacheing techniques of php which allows us to improve sites performance and also maintains good security.
Success stories
Two type of users regular and premium. Regular is free matrimonial account, and premium is payed user account. So sites helps all peoples to find there life partner by working as free matrimonial service in India.
All satisfied users are the proof that this is a good matrimonial website for buddhist.

custom tshirt designs php

A complete custom tshirt design website developed in php.
Main business logic of website is based on simple method of displaying all tshirts with actegorisation as
womes tshirts , childrens tshirts , mens tshirts .
Website includes three main categories with collection of funny and branded tshirts .
Users can browse through site and select single thsirt and place order for same.

Site also has important features like
Stock maintnance
managing sale per day and month
setting new products
smart accounting syatem

php auction website

Auction website in php.
We have developed a auction website with php as programming language. Site offers all users from gloab to get register for free and buy or sale there products. site consists of lots of categories in which user can upload there products.
Advance Search is there which gives user a simple and fast way to search there products.
Alert manager functionality is also there in which users can create the alerts for there interested products, if they are not available on website. So in future if the related products gets posted then system sed a alert email to all users who created alert for that perticular user.
Simple internal mailing which allows all users of website to communicate with eash other in order to buy or sale there products.
Online chat which users can use to directly chat with all the online users on the website.
This auction website is rich of all important and useful features. Very easy to use.