Sunday, March 16, 2008

php auction website

Auction website in php.
We have developed a auction website with php as programming language. Site offers all users from gloab to get register for free and buy or sale there products. site consists of lots of categories in which user can upload there products.
Advance Search is there which gives user a simple and fast way to search there products.
Alert manager functionality is also there in which users can create the alerts for there interested products, if they are not available on website. So in future if the related products gets posted then system sed a alert email to all users who created alert for that perticular user.
Simple internal mailing which allows all users of website to communicate with eash other in order to buy or sale there products.
Online chat which users can use to directly chat with all the online users on the website.
This auction website is rich of all important and useful features. Very easy to use.